Monday, May 11, 2020

The Shifts We Need To Feel

Feelings are not often observed yet they easily influence our ways of life. Let us not forget the matters of the heart too. The past weeks I have had so much time building on my thoughts for the blog content and less time to write it down. I wondered and imagined what it would read like. Today I want to share with you some of the thoughts about my recent gratefulness reflections on many matters of life. It is amazing how we can find pleasure in the little things and how easily they can bring us down too.

Sometimes I cannot get over the fact that I have only had 10 years of life with my mother. The 10th of May was Mother’s Day and it was hard not to think of what life would be with her presence. Today I just want to appreciate the 10 years I have experienced with my mother. Furthermore, I am grateful for all the mother figures I have starting with my extremely loving father, siblings, relatives, colleagues, friends and total strangers. That is not all because there is so much to appreciate. There are many deaths around the globe now. We must be glad to be alive and for the lives of our loved ones. I want to let you know that I am grateful you are reading this article. The most important thing is we must keep in mind that fate can separate us anytime. 
Late March 2020 was very nerve-racking for me to walk in the streets or be in public places. It is when the news in my country Namibia, was fuming with the Novel Corona Virus stories. How can a mere virus crumble economies by shutting down businesses, reducing the workforce and flipping the world upside down? It is scary and I could not quite comprehend it all until a few days into lockdown Stage 1. My country had 16 confirmed cases and we have 12 recovered as of today. The first week of lockdown was strange. The fact that I was still working and had to come home to someone who was isolating scared me. What if I contracted the virus and came home to infect my dear friend? I had two trips abroad planned and budgeted as vacations in April and May. Meanwhile the government passed travel and movement restrictions. I could not imagine what my time would be like without a trip somewhere during Easter or activities during my usual vacation months. I would not be able to celebrate my long overdue degree graduation with everyone I imagined to attend. The gyms would not operate. There was not going to be any sale of alcohol and sometimes wine is my favorite companion. The way we do things and experience life has been affected tremendously. I honestly like to believe I feel a great shift in everything and everyone right now.
I am guilty of wondering and worrying so much a few times. I know we feel so worthless and hopeless sometimes. However, we cannot ever have such emotions and other negative emotions for too long. I think a day is enough to snap out of it. It is so easy for us to feel and think negative. Most of it eventually seem unnecessary as I ponder on it again. Life goes on whether we worry or not. This should be the only reason we ought to enjoy and live in the moment. It starts with Positive Vibes. We need to feel good about ourselves, our friends, our families, our colleagues and really everything in our lives.
I bet you remember the saying - “Money makes the world go round”. It is true but it is not the only thing thus get a good attitude too. There is no time to take anything or anyone for granted now. In fact, there should never be time for it. It is silly. Many people lost their main sources of income because of the COVID19 global epidemic. Some lost all of their income. People lost their jobs both educated and uneducated people. I think it is important to be grateful for stable jobs and sources of income now more than ever. Let us keep in mind that no one is immune to unforeseen circumstances. We need to appreciate every little thing and everyone the world has to offer. We need to make those overdue phone calls and check in on a friend or relative. It is time to clean that closet and give or sell everything you do not need. It is time to be nice and kind. It is time to be there for each other. We ought to be distinctive now.
The fact that a pandemic can make the world go still makes me want to live and experience things and everyone I avoid for no good reason. Does everyone and everything not have something to offer? I want to make more time for my friends and family. I want to take the tequila shots I promised. I want to enjoy a coffee with my colleagues at the office. I want to answer the ignored calls. I want to steal the kiss I have always wanted. I want to save, invest and plan for the unforeseen and expected. I want to budget and not waste a cent. I want to be more responsible and accountable. We are not immune to losing everything we have worked for or a special person. Because life can just unfold uncontrollably without warning. It is so easy for life to flip upside down and I do not want to have a moment of regret. Sometimes we need to realize and act on the ignition circumstances bring to us. We are not to be down because of bad situations. They give us another chance to life. They give us time to change. It is a time to be grateful, learn, forgive and improve our livelihoods. We ought to live this way.
I am grateful that I have a chance to life, love and laughter; that I can make an impact on someone or something. Most importantly, I am grateful that others have allowed and valued me to be a part of their lives. George Sand says that the only happiness in life is to love and be loved. I need to mention that a good friend of mine will add to that by encouraging commitment and consistency. She says we should experiment commitment and consistency in our relationships, our food choices and all things. I think it is even more resourceful to carry it in our bags and pockets all the time. It is beautiful and I want you to experience the world as such. Be committed and consistent to gratefulness.

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